EURA 2023



The registration desk is situated at University Square /Háskólatorg (HT). Conference coffee and lunches will also be served there. The HT area also contains the university canteen, Student bookshop and access to the student cellar (Lower ground floor).

Catering other than provided by the conference.
The university campus has several areas where it is possible to sit down for a meal or a drink.

Barista coffee is available at the student bookshop, also at the student cellar and Café in Veröld. Veröld Café also serves light meals and Student cellar is a restaurant and bar.

Gróska has a food hall with several restaurants and bars (3 min walk from HT)

Maps are available at the conference website

Conference Wi-Fi will be made available during the conference. Eduroam is also available at the University campus. Háskólabíó does not have Eduroam and has its own free Wi-Fi.

Name badges
Attendees must always wear their name badge while attending the conference. If you misplace your name badge, please advise staff at the registration desk. It is very important that you wear your name badge to the Mobile Workshops, Reception at City Hall and the Conference Dinner.

• Exhibition stands will be in the student bookshop at the University square (HT)

• Editors of the EURA conversation will be available for Q&A on Friday during lunchtime at the University square (HT)

• Editors of the EURA Journal Urban Research & Practice will be available for Q&A on Friday during lunchtime at the University square (HT)

• Jana Sifta from the European Research Council Executive Agency in Brussels will introduce ERC funding opportunities during lunch on Thursday between 13-14 in HT-104. She will also be available for Q&A on Friday during lunchtime at the University square (HT)

• An introduction to Metrex, The Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas will take place at 18:10 on Friday in HT-104

Smoking + vaping
Smoking and vaping indoors are strictly against the law in Iceland. If you smoke, please do so outdoors in designated areas and dispose of your cigarette butts correctly.

In the event of industrial disruption or natural disasters the EURA 2023 Organizing Team cannot accept responsibility for any financial or other losses incurred by the delegates. Nor can they take responsibility for injury, illness or damage to property or persons occurring during the conference or associated activities. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual delegates.

The information in this conference program is correct at the time of publishing. The Organizing teams reserves the right to change any aspect of the program without notice.

List of rooms used a EURA 2023 conference
University Square /Háskólatorg (HT) The main meeting point at the University area HT-104 Háskólatorg/University square HT-300 Háskólatorg/University square

Parallel sessions
No. Room Name of Building
A-050 Aðalbygging/Main building -Entrance on corner next to HT
A-051 Aðalbygging/Main building- Entrance on corner next to HT
A-052 Aðalbygging/Main building- Entrance on corner next to HT
A-069 Aðalbygging/Main building- Entrance on corner next to HT
VH-007 Veröld (Access from HT through tunnel)
VH-008 Veröld (Access from HT through tunnel)
ÁG-101 Árnagarður
ÁG-303 Árnagarður
ÁG-422 Árnagarður

Keynote and meeting with practitioners Háskólabió-Salur 1 University Cinema/Room 1 In Iceland, Ground floor is normally numbered 1.

The University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is a leading Icelandic university and an active participant in the international scientific and academic communities. It is the country’s oldest and largest institution of higher education.

Founded in 1911, it has grown steadily from a small civil servants’ school to a modern comprehensive university, providing instruction for about 14,000 students in twenty-five faculties.

Reykjavik City Hall

City Hall is the home of a huge 3D printed map of Iceland on the ground floor. The building itself as the architects conceived Reykjavík City Hall primarily as an interface where the contrasts of nature and city intertwine into a complex, three dimensional whole.

The City Hall is located on the northern bank of the lake ‘Tjörnin’ in the historic centre of Reykjavík.

Gamla bíó

Gamla bíó, which translates to “Old Cinema” in English, is a historic cinema and cultural venue located in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. It was originally built in 1926 as a cinema and has since undergone several renovations and transformations.

Gamla bíó has served as a prominent cultural hub in Reykjavik, hosting various artistic and entertainment events over the years. It has been a venue for film screenings, concerts, theatrical performances, comedy shows, and other cultural gatherings.